Tour of Septaema

Hidden within the expanse of the western Abyssal Ocean, the Seven Realms of Septaema find their home amidst its tumultuous and treacherous waters. The very nature of this ocean, characterized by ceaseless turbulence, presents a daunting challenge to any who dare traverse its depths. The Etherflow, energetic paths etched into existence over countless millennia of maritime exploration, now serve as the only viable routes — rendering any attempt to stray from these ancient courses a near-impossible feat.

Above, the skies themselves are adorned with an otherworldly tapestry, a beautiful dreamscape of blue and purple crystals that weave a mesmerizing spell. These jewels of the firmament cast an enchanting and eternal twilight upon the entire realm. Yet, even within this continuous dusk, pockets of intrigue emerge. Curious regions, distinct and elusive, stand as anomalies within the ever-present twilight. Within these realms, unique climates and phenomena thrive, captivating the hearts and minds of those who venture into their mysteries.

Septaema's mainland is comprised of its foundational six realms: Umbravale, Oblivion Enclave, Echoveil Embers, Lumina Enclave, Phantasmagorium, and Sylvera Sanctum. Nestled within the very core of this kingdom, you'll find the towering Obsidian City — a metropolis graced not only by architectural marvels, but also by the esteemed Demon Council. Anchored in the heart of the city lies the Ethervoid Nexus, a breathtaking crossroads where the energies of these six realms merge and intertwine.

The first realm, Umbravale, serves as the primary gateway for all who venture into Septaema through the Pyroflux River. This tranquil waterway, although captivating in its beauty, conceals a perilous secret — its touch is as deadly as it is alluring! Those who, through ill fate, make contact with its waters are left seared, as if scorched by the flames themselves. However, a sip of its fiery elixir grants strength and willpower, infusing its brave imbibers with the very energy of the inferno itself!

Umbravale is a realm shrouded in perpetual dusk. Within its boundaries, an eerie silence prevails, carrying an air of mystery that whispers through the land. The population, a humble assembly of around 450, moves amidst this veil of quietude.

Dawnville emerges after many hours of travel, a small village camouflaged amidst the dark foliage of North Umbravale. Further upstream on the south bank, we find Maledictus Hollow, the abode of the Knights of the Seven Realms. It’s here that the infamous Nocturne Bazaar flourishes, a haven of rare and forbidden magickal items, where the bold can sip potent elixirs amidst the chilling ambiance of Succubus Spirits.

Resting along the west coast, Crescentshade beckons with its legendary vistas of the Abyssal Oceans. Known for its sweeping panoramic views, the town offers a breathtaking canvas of oceanic expanse, an invitation to ponder the mysteries that lie beyond the horizon.

Sharing its southern border with the realm of Oblivion Enclave, Umbravale guards a hidden marvel within its depths — the Ethereal Springs. This oasis unveils a cascading waterfall of unrivaled beauty amidst lush greenery. A paradoxical, serene sanctuary nestled within the mysterious realms of darkness and dereliction.

The Second Realm of Septaema is Oblivion Enclave, a land shrouded in the veils of desolation and mystery — once a haven of beauty, now swathed in despair. Here, 520 resilient souls brave the shadowed embrace of this forsaken land.

The Cryptic Chasm, sealed during the Oblivitare War in 119, stands as a sentinel against the past. Its sealed entrance, forged in response to the threat of the Griseo Draconis, remains unbroken to this day, though the once-feared species have long faded into extinction. The story etched in the stone serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced and the sacrifices made to preserve the realm.

The Emberstone Ruins, once resplendent but now draped in the veil of decay, continue to emanate the whispers of a forgotten era. A relic of ages past, these ruins hold within their crumbling walls the arcane secrets of teleportation and time travel. Yet, despite the dormant power that slumbers within, the key to unlocking its potential eludes even the wisest demon.

In the northeast corner, a touch of life clings to Oblivion Enclave in the form of the Malusarbor Forest. As if nature itself resists the darkness, this corner of greenery is a testament to life's resilience, even in the face of encroaching shadows.

While much has been lost, the realm's spirit perseveres. Shadowhaven and Thundershroud, standing tall amidst the desolation, remain as the last bastions of habitability. Their presence is a testament to the indomitable will of those who choose to dwell within Oblivion Enclave, determined to carve out their own refuge amidst the abandoned remnants.

Echoveil Embers, the enchanting third realm of Septaema, paints its landscape in warm hues of orange and fiery red, encompassing lush grasslands that burst with life. Within its embrace, 24,000 residents take on the noble role of exporters, sharing their bountiful produce and succulent underworld fruits, most notably the spicy emberfruit, across the expanse of the seven realms.

The bustling heart of this realm is Emberforge, its capital, a vibrant hub teeming with the intellect and creativity of the minds of tomorrow — students from Emberforge University of Otherworldly Arts. Notably, Demoji himself stands among its illustrious alumni, having majored in the intricate disciplines of Humanology and Mythology of the Earthly Realms.

In the realm of Echoveil Embers lies another gem: Embermoor, a sprawling stretch of farmland that encompasses hundreds of acres, adorned with an abundance of flourishing vegetation. But the realm's treasures extend beyond its fertile soils. Nearby, the Inferno Blaze Spring surges forth, its scalding flames displaying an awe-inspiring spectacle. Whispers tell of magickal rubies that line its bed, gems of immense power said to unlock the mysteries of the Emberstone Ruins in distant Oblivion Enclave, and offering the power to traverse the fabric of space and time. While many have sought these rubies, the realm's secrets remain shrouded, waiting for a worthy seeker to unveil them.

And Doomspring, despite its foreboding name, unveils itself as a sanctuary for the adventurous souls seeking solace in nature. Amidst the captivating Crimson Meadows, one can easily lose themselves in hours of hiking and camping. Yet, a word of caution: as the gentle breezes carry faint whispers and distant echoes through the meadow air, they weave an enchanting spell that beckons curious souls to venture deeper, tempting them to embrace the mysteries that lie beneath the surface.

Embarking on a southward journey, the sensation of walking upon the very sun might overwhelm the senses. This journey unveils the wondrous Lumina Enclave, the radiant fourth realm of Septaema, which unfolds like a bright yellow wonderland. Cloaked in the ethereal aura of citrine crystals, this is a realm that beckons you to step into a world of magick and enchantment!

Within its bounds reside 9,800 valiant demons, their eyes aglow with a perpetual twinkle akin to stars in the earthly night sky. These beings have evolved to harmonize with the luminance that envelops them, reflecting a resilient spirit that withstands the dazzling radiance of their realm. Amid this realm, one encounters a multitude of Lumiae, often referred to as "magick bugs" by Demoji himself. These delicate flying creatures possess a unique ability to illuminate with joy, casting ethereal light as they flutter through the air.

Venturing in, you'll encounter the serene residents of Wispwood Forest. These gentle beings safeguard the mysterious Wispwood Reflecting Pool, a magical pond that possesses the uncanny ability to reveal the very essence of one's being. As you gaze upon its surface, you'll find your true self reflected back — an invitation to pause for a moment of introspection.

The luminous majesty of Lumina Enclave is further exemplified by the awe-inspiring Luminous Peaks. These towering summits cast their radiant glow across the entire realm, a beacon of brilliance that lights up the land day and night. Venture into the singing caves, where the very rock seems to harmonize with the songs of the land, creating a melody that lingers in your heart.

The perplexing Luminex Labyrinth awaits, a puzzle that defies logic and expectation. A stone's throw from the heart of Obsidian City, it remains an irresistible draw for curious souls. Its paths shift and turn, a dance of enigma that keeps all who dare to venture within tantalizingly distant from its center. A popular pastime for young and old alike, this labyrinth embodies the essence of Lumina Enclave's mystique.

Luminex Plaza bustles with life, a convergence of energy and excitement. Hotels dot the landscape, inviting travelers to bask in the luminous beauty that surrounds them. And nearby, the shimmering waters of Lake Lumos provide respite, though a whimsical transformation awaits those who dip their toes — their ghostly white skin takes on a brilliant citrine hue, a fleeting badge of their aquatic experience!

Dive into the depths of Lake Lumos and embark on a journey that carries you to the edge of the fifth and most expansive realm of Septaema, Phantasmagorium. As the largest realm, it unfolds before you with layers of wonders and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

The Malusarbor Forest spans across three realms, serving as a natural border between the vibrant Obsidian City and the ancient town of Widdershin's Hollow. Within this hollow once dwelled the esteemed Sidus Vagus, a trailblazing explorer who achieved an extraordinary feat that continues to captivate hearts. He was believed to be the first and only demon to journey into the Earthly Realms back in the year 2009 BC. Returning after 3,000 years of the nomadic life, his legacy is woven into the very fabric of Septaema, studied in schools, and celebrated as an enduring source of inspiration for Demoji and countless others. The demons of Widdershin's Hollow honor his memory with a statue that stands as a testament to his indomitable spirit. For those who yearn to walk in his footsteps, the Widdershin's Hollow Bed & Breakfast offers an intimate experience, letting you stay in the very abode that Vagus once called home.

Phantasmagorium is home to over 95,000 Septaeman souls who thrive amidst its vibrant landscape. Tourists from far and wide, whether fellow Septaemans or beings hailing from other kingdoms, are drawn to its eclectic charm and allure. Rosebane School of Essential Magick plays a pivotal role in nurturing the knowledge of Phantasmagorium's youth. Situated between the twin villages of Rosebane and Astralmoor, this educational haven kindles the flames of curiosity, igniting the passions of young demons and preparing them for a future brimming with possibilities.

In the midst of the vibrant realm, you'll discover Gloomhaven — a town shrouded in rainclouds, where stormy skies dominate the dreary domain. Despite the perpetual gloom, the town thrives with a unique charm. Many Magoriums, as the residents of this realm fondly refer to themselves, have chosen to call this grey haven their home. And not far from its mist-shrouded streets is Veilhaven, where the Underworld Institute of Occult Studies stands as a beacon of esoteric wisdom, catering to seekers of hidden knowledge.

Venturing north into Serpentium Valley, you'll discover Abyssal Drive — the region's liveliest thoroughfare, bustling with students from all three neighboring schools and enthusiasts eager to explore the variety of mystical shops and establishments that line its path. Erebos Emporium beckons with its magickal supplies; Persephone's Apothecary tempts with elixirs and enchantments; Serpentium Scriptorium provides school essentials, while Java Cauldron invites you to savor its otherworldly coffees. And for those seeking a bit more potency, Brimstone Brews holds a unique allure.

Continuing the journey northward, you'll ascend the majestic Aurorian Cliffs, where you'll encounter the pinnacle of elemental expertise, the Academy of Elemental Mastery. Students gather on the coast below, enjoying the breathtaking views of Aurora Bay, a pristine shoreline shared with Echoveil Embers. Here, young demons bask in the sand, creating memories against the backdrop of the abyssal horizon. The area thrives with eateries, coffee shops, amusement arcades, and magickal boutiques. It’s truly a place of delight and enchantment.

As you journey along the eastern coast, the quaint town of Auravilla reveals itself. This is an area known for housing psychics, mediums, and fortunetellers whose talents draw visitors from realms near and far. Their insight and wisdom are a treasure sought by many, enticing demons from distant lands to traverse the depths of the Abyssal Ocean in search of their unique guidance.

Embarking on a southern journey, we arrive at the captivating Eldrimore Peninsula — a coastal haven adorned with sands that gleam with an otherworldly iridescence. The local demons here possess an intriguing lineage, their pallor so striking that they appear almost translucent. Their tragic origins are steeped in history, stemming from a remarkable journey during the Lux Anes, or Light Ages. Escaping the clutches of the relentless Malus Reptilium over 83,000 earthly years ago, they found sanctuary within the embrace of Eldrimore Peninsula.

Legend whispers of their tenacity, as they hid beneath the shimmering sands, concealed by the peninsula's own radiance. For 39 nights, they endured, and the Malus Reptilium, thwarted by their determination, eventually relented, and relinquished their grip on the eastern coast of Septaema. But their sacrifices were not without a heavy toll, and the price paid by the Pellucidians was high — a loss of 811 of their own in Septaema, and the complete annihilation of their home colony comprising over 369,000 demons in the scorched lands of Pellucidus. Now a desolate wasteland, the realm of Pellucidus is so toxic that its waters have the power to erode steel and disintegrate diamonds.

Wander further, and the landscape shifts to reveal the serene expanse of Wildermoor — a realm awash in navy-grey grasslands and bountiful farmlands. A haven of nourishment, Wildermoor plays a crucial role as the primary exporter of coveted underworld vegetables, enriching the lives of Septaemans and realms beyond with its bounty.

Climb the heights of Magorium Peak, and you'll encounter the descendants of the vigilant Onyx Watchmen. Once guardians of Septaema's borders, these steadfast souls ensured the safety of its shores against invaders from both the east and the south. The legacy of their dedication endures in the ancient Magorium Watchtower, a sentinel that stands as a testament to time. While the tower may no longer serve its original purpose, its echoes linger, a whisper of a bygone era when ships sailed freely to the mainland before the waters became too treacherous to traverse.

Venture forth to the picturesque town of Halcyon, nestled along the southern shores of Septaema. This vibrant harbor enclave serves as a portal to the seventh realm, abuzz with perpetual activity as goods traverse in every direction, impervious to the march of time. Halcyon Harbor never ceases its motion, embodying the resolute essence of commerce and interconnection. Its serene waters extend an invitation to leisurely boats, providing a sanctuary of tranquility amid the rolling waves.

Nearby, Ebonwood emerges as a village inhabited by masterful carpenters, the artisans of wood and creation. Situated near the threshold of the sixth realm, Ebonwood is a place where skill and craftsmanship intertwine, a tribute to the ingenuity of its residents.

Just beyond its borders lies Sylvera Sanctum, the sixth realm of Septaema, its population of 8,240 souls ready to welcome those who seek its mysteries. Here, nature's embrace mirrors the lush forests of the Earth itself. Verdant expanses stretch as far as the eye can see, adorned with a symphony of waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and streams that showcase the realm’s natural beauty. And as your gaze climbs upward, you'll be awed by the majestic highlands, where mountains almost brush against the very firmament above, standing proudly as guardians of this realm's grandeur.

Just a stone's throw from Halcyon Harbor, a haven of maritime activity, lies the idyllic Wanderlight Village. Nestled amidst this paradise, villagers draw inspiration from the tales of the intrepid Sidus Vagus and the mysteries of the upper realms. Their homes, adorned with a touch of whimsy, come alive with the gentle glow of candlelight and the vibrant hues of flora. Here in this snug haven, creativity flourishes. Villagers meticulously craft and share trinkets reminiscent of Earth, each wood-carved seashell and mermaid-scaled jewelry piece serving as a tribute to the endless imagination nurtured within the heart of the village.

Venturing further inland, you'll uncover the hidden gem that is Veriduna. This town rests in the embrace of nature's grandest masterpiece — a waterfall that tumbles with majestic grace, unmatched by any in the Seven Realms of Septaema. But Veriduna is more than just breathtaking scenery; it's a haven of healing and wisdom. The demons who call Veriduna home are not only skilled healers but also adept tree whisperers, attuned to the secrets that nature shares with those who listen. Their potions and tinctures are potent elixirs, capable of mending even the deepest wounds. A journey through the town's winding streets unveils the alchemical wonders that reside within, showcasing the potential of comprehending and harnessing the bounties of the natural realm.

For those whose hearts yearn for knowledge, the Institute of Temporal Studies awaits in the northern reaches of Veriduna. Positioned alongside the Malusarbor Forest, this institute serves as a gateway to the exploration of time's mysteries. Here, scholars and seekers gather, drawn by the allure of unlocking the secrets of the past, present, and future. As the rustling leaves of the Malusarbor Forest whisper their ancient tales, the Institute of Temporal Studies stands as a reminder of the enduring pursuit of knowledge and the unquenchable curiosity that defines the town of Veriduna.

The enigmatic Isle of Nox casts a shroud of perpetual darkness, defying the twilight glow that bathes much of Septaema. While uninhabited, this isle catches the curious attention of young adult demons who are drawn by a mysterious allure: the possibility of summoning humans from realms unknown. Whispers of human presence and echoes of their voices permeate the shadows, igniting both hope and intrigue. In this realm of enigma and uncertainty, the Isle of Nox becomes a canvas upon which the lines between reality and myth blur, creating an atmosphere ripe for exploration and wonder.

But the most intriguing tale unfolds upon Abyssal Mirage Island — a place where reality itself dances with illusion. Surreal landscapes and dreamlike vistas unfurl, transforming before your eyes like reflections in a fantastical looking glass. Mirror-like lakes tease with distorted visions, while towering sand dunes take on a life of their own, shifting and swaying like waves in a desert of enchantment. Inhabited only by the illusions it conjures, Abyssal Mirage Island is a realm where perception becomes a spellbinding puzzle, luring you deeper into its riddles.

And finally, Verdant Veil Island awaits, a haven of perpetual spring where lush beauty reigns supreme. Melodies of birdsong grace the air, and gentle breezes carry the fragrant whispers of blooming flowers. Amid this idyllic realm, 324 residents call Verdantville home — a village nestled on the eastern edge of the island. The western side unveils the breathtaking Fluttermore Gardens, where thousands of Earth's butterflies have found sanctuary, creating a kaleidoscope of color and life. Legend speaks of Sidus Vagus bringing back 17 butterflies from his earthly travels, setting them free to grace the island with their presence. Fluttermore Gardens stands as a place of beauty and wonder, captivating visitors from all realms and echoing through Septaema's education as an essential experience that nurtures the spirit of exploration.

Septimus Island

The Abyssal Isles form a celestial pathway leading to the crown jewel of the Seven Realms, the 7th island known as Septimus Island – the very birthplace of our charming Demoji. The ethereal route serves as a conduit to this realm of wonder. While 5,983 demons call Septimus Island home, what truly distinguishes them is their exceptional warmth and amiability. These islanders possess an inherent friendliness and a penchant for forging genuine connections. Their reputation for being the kindest souls in all of Septaema is well earned.

To embark on this journey, one simply follows the gentle currents of the Etherflow, gracefully arriving at the sanctuary of Emerald Harbor, where vibrant cliffs glisten like precious gems. An oasis of rejuvenation awaits at the Sapphire Coast, mere steps from the bustling harbor, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its restorative embrace.

Arcaneville, the capital of Septimus Island, stands as a place steeped in history and innovation. Here, the Arcane Arts Academy, symbolizing modern education, was founded in 4,220BC, closely followed by the establishment of the Arcane Arts Library in 4,160BC. Amidst the vibrant setting of Arcana Bazaar, a recent addition spanning 700 years, demons congregate to discover treasures that bridge realms and eras.

Nestled just inland of the enchanting Twilight Bay is Mysticwyn, the birthplace of our beloved Demoji. This picturesque town emanates an irresistible charm, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that acts as the beating heart of the island's community. Moreover, the esteemed Mysticwyn School of Charms & Magick imparts wisdom to gifted young demons, welcoming students from across realms with open arms and boarding facilities. But it's the unique character of Mysticwyn's residents that truly captivates. In this idyllic haven, emotions flow with an unbridled freedom, finding expression in ways that echo human sensibilities rather than conforming to conventional demonic norms. This alluring peculiarity, however, has also captured the attention of darker denizens from distant realms, challenging the prevailing cuteness and kawaii essence that defines Mysticwyn. Yet, unbeknownst to them, Mysticwyn's potency is firmly anchored, its essence stemming from the ancient Porta Dracorium — a mystical gateway forged under the foundations of Mysticwyn during the Oblivitare War of 119 by the Angelus Draconis. This portal links Septimus Island with the realm of dragons, channeling an enduring connection that continues to infuse Mysticwyn with the resolute might of the draconic realm. As such, its residents, especially those born within this ethereal embrace, embody a spellbinding fusion of endearing charm and boundless power.

Extending from Mysticwyn to the adjacent town of Astradale, Jade Avenue stands as the quintessential nexus for all demon necessities. Devlin’s Delights offers an array of freshly baked goods, from bread to cupcakes, while Astralweave provides custom clothing and enchanting magickal tapestries. For a delightful cup of warmth under the celestial canopy, the Mystic Brewscape Cafe welcomes all with a variety of hot beverages.

Astradale is the birthplace of Demoji's mother and the cherished location where he created countless treasured memories during visits to his grandparents. Along Jade Avenue, Demoji's favorite stationery & bookshop, Liber Astriko, stands proudly at the Astradale end. It's a place where stories come to life and the spirit of creativity finds its home.

Mistwood, a realm shrouded in its own perpetual mist, presents an alluring and tropical haven for its inhabitants. Demons here have acclimatized to the humid atmosphere, and are often seen wearing their signature hats and scarves as they navigate outside their vibrant woodland village. In this pocket of paradise, life unfolds at its own unhurried pace, swathed in the gentle embrace of the mysterious haze.

Among the treasures of this realm lie the serene Citrine Cove, a tranquil haven with glowing white and yellow sand that beckons those seeking solace. Here, even Demoji finds a reflective pause. The rhythmic crash of waves against the steadfast rocks triggers memories of shared picnics and heartfelt moments with a dear friend from Veriduna, whose fate ended tragically, and whose spirit now resides eternally within the Ethereal Glades — a sanctuary for virtuous demons who transition to the beyond. A bittersweet tear escapes his watchful eye, a poignant reminder of the deep connections that have shaped his journey thus far.

Nearby, the landscape unfolds into the breathtaking Valora Woodlands — a vast expanse of rose-colored beauty that stretches beyond the horizon. While the woodlands appear inviting and picturesque, they harbor a hidden secret — the ominous Chronovoid Peninsula. A place where time’s threads are tangled, the peninsula holds the power to warp and bend reality as moments stretch, contract, and reverse, plunging souls into a disorienting dance. For some, it is a place to rectify the past and glimpse into the future, but the stakes are high, as Chronovoid Peninsula’s mysterious power has driven demons to madness in their pursuit of answers and closure. Legends speak of Tempus Domini, eternally wandering in search of his lost daughter, Ancora, who sought to harness the dark power of the peninsula to save Septaema from the Griseo Draconis invasion. While the incomparable woodlands of Valora invite joy, the forbidden south side stands as a stark reminder of the price one might pay for trespassing its boundaries.

The seventh realm of Septaema comprises seven islands. The initial six, collectively referred to as the Abyssal Isles, serve as a conduit for the Etherflow, the energetic current that traverses the tumultuous Abyssal Ocean. The Etherflow enables demons to journey safely to and from the islands, facilitating seamless travel within the realm.

The first stop is Moondust Island, bustling with 82 demons who orchestrate the mesmerizing Moondust Market. This is a hub of activity that never sleeps — the market offers a trove of treasures, from nourishing food to potent potions and stylish clothing. As shopkeepers set up their stalls outside their huts, you'll find yourself immersed in a realm where commerce and camaraderie intertwine beautifully.

On the second island, Heko Island, you'll encounter adorable feline-shaped creatures draped in shimmering scales of various hues. These cold-blooded beings possess the grace of cats yet emit serpentine hisses. Surprisingly, they have an affectionate side and relish being petted, endearing them to those who encounter them. Heko Island lacks demon inhabitants, making it a unique home for these remarkable creatures.

Venturing to the third island, Nebi Island, you'll encounter furry, warm-blooded, legless creatures that slither gracefully along the ground. Their adorable meowing is a constant request for sustenance from demons they encounter. Like Hekos, Nebis don't share their island with demon residents.

Remarkably, both Hekos and Nebis have woven themselves into the lives of demons as beloved pets, showcasing their unique and endearing qualities.

And with that, our journey through Demoji's captivating underworld kingdom — a realm of diverse landscapes and vibrant realms, comes to an end. From the mystique of Umbravale to the desolation of Oblivion Enclave, the fiery beauty of Echoveil Embers to the radiant Lumina Enclave, the surreal wonders of Phantasmagorium to the verdant Sylvera Sanctum, and finally, the heartwarming Septimus Island and the Abyssal Isles. Each realm, with its unique character, seamlessly intertwines to create the magnificent tapestry known as the Seven Realms of Septaema.