Notable Figures

Sidus Vagus

Widdershins Hollow, Phantasmagorium
19,005 BC - 1251 AD

Sidus of Widdershin's Hollow once lived as an unrecognized artist, his days filled with crafting tales of the Earthly Realms' myths and legends, yet finding no audience for his vivid imaginations. To his fellow demons, he appeared a visionary too far removed from reality, his ambitious writings dismissed and ridiculed, leaving him without allies or acclaim. Yet, Sidus harbored a relentless fascination with the upper realms and a firm resolve to explore the human kingdom.

Proclaiming his intent to depart Septaema and venture beyond the Underworld, Sidus was met with disbelief. His daring departure on a modest rowboat into the Abyssal Ocean led many to presume a tragic end at sea. However, defying all expectations, Sidus reemerged after 3,000 earthly years, not only having survived his odyssey to the Earthly Realms but also returning laden with otherworldly treasures. This monumental return transformed him from a presumed madman to a celebrated hero, earning him the revered title "Vagus," the wanderer.

Sidus Vagus's legacy grew as he penned dozens of books and filled hundreds of journals with accounts of his extraordinary journeys. Upon his passing in 1251 AD, the people of Widdershin's Hollow immortalized him with a statue, honoring the most pivotal figure in Septaeman lore. Sidus Vagus's tales and adventures cemented his status as the most influential demon in all of Septaema, a true testament to the power of perseverance and the spirit of exploration.

General Devlin Stormwing

Mysticwyn, Septimus Island
3,013 BC

Devlin of Mysticwyn, a distinguished alumnus of the Underworld Institute of Occult Studies, had recently celebrated his graduation with honors in Alchemy when the Oblivitare War erupted in 119 PA (circa 2400 BC). Positioned fortuitously at the epicenter of pivotal events, Devlin's destiny was irrevocably forged during the creation of the Porta Decorium. At a critical juncture, with the fate of Septaema hanging in the balance, it was Devlin who exhibited the fortitude to sacrifice his well-being for the greater good of the realm.

In a moment of exigency, as the ritual's integrity was compromised by an injured dragon's inability to maintain the ceremonial circle, Devlin's intervention demonstrated exceptional valor. His courageous act not only preserved the circle's sanctity but also earned him a remarkable boon. Transformed by the ordeal, Devlin acquired draconic wings, symbolizing his metamorphosis and heralding his leadership in the ensuing conflict. Under his command, the battle was won decisively.

In recognition of his valorous contributions, The Honorable Councillor Eldran Shadowborne bestowed upon Devlin the title of Stormwing. General Stormwing subsequently assumed command of the nascent Septaeman Defense Force, a position he held with distinction for two millennia.

Upon his well-deserved retirement, General Stormwing returned to the tranquil life in Mysticwyn. There, he founded a beloved bakery and nurtured a family with his wife, Seraphina, fathering four children. This narrative arc, from a promising student to a war hero and community pillar, underscores the profound impact of individual valor on the collective history and societal fabric of Septaema.

Professor Tempest Domini

Veriduna, Sylvera Sanctum
15,730 BC - 2408 BC

Tempest of Veriduna, hailing from the humble Wanderlight Village, embarked on a journey of scholarly pursuit that spanned the realms of knowledge. His academic odyssey commenced at the esteemed Rosebane School of Essential Magick, where the seeds of his brilliance were sown. Graduating with distinction from the renowned Arcane Arts Academy, Tempest continued to ascend the ranks of academia, culminating in the attainment of his doctorate from The Underworld Institute of Occult Studies.

Venturing further into the realm of arcane exploration, Tempest found himself drawn to the Institute of Temporal Studies in Sylvera Sanctum's illustrious Veriduna, where he would eventually ascend to the esteemed position of professor. It was during his tenure as a researcher at the ITS that Tempest unveiled his magnum opus - the Temporus Eye. This groundbreaking invention revolutionized the understanding of history, granting users the ability to peer into the annals of time and witness echoes of past events. The Temporus Eye bestowed invaluable insights into historical occurrences, paving the way for advancements that shaped the future of Septaema.

In recognition of his unparalleled mastery over the intricacies of time, Professor Tempest was bestowed with the revered title of Domini. Yet, amidst his triumphs, tragedy struck with the obliteration of the Temporus Eye during the tumultuous Oblivtare War. Undeterred, Tempest embarked on a fateful journey into the depths of the Chronovoid Peninsula, compelled by his daughter Ancora's fervent determination to harness its mystical powers in defense of Septaema against the looming threat of the Griseo Draconis Invasion. Tempest's unwavering resolve was fueled by a paternal instinct to protect Ancora and prevent her from succumbing to the perilous allure of the peninsula's energies.

Legends shroud the fate of Tempest Domini, with whispers of his eternal vigil within the confines of the Chronovoid Peninsula. Some claim he never emerged from its depths, while others believe he succumbed to the relentless passage of time. Yet, regardless of his fate, the legacy of Tempest Domini endures as one of Septaema’s greatest minds.

Felix Valorcrest

Veriduna, Sylvera Sanctum
2521[17] PA - 2728[17] PA (1432 AD - 2004 AD)

Felix of Veriduna, a distinguished student of Emberforge University of Otherworldly Arts, demonstrated exceptional bravery and selflessness during the perilous events of the 2878 PA (2004 AD) attack by the infamous Malzorath. As Malzorath unleashed his dark forces in pursuit of the Orb of Knowledge, Felix, endowed with formidable skills in the dark arts, heroically invoked the perilous and powerful Aetherius Nexus Seal. This spell, requiring a sacrificial soul, was deployed to capture and banish Malzorath to the depths of the Onyxveil, safeguarding Septaema and its neighboring realms.

Felix's noble sacrifice earned him posthumous recognition as Valorcrest, symbolizing his unwavering courage and devotion to protecting our realm. In tribute to his aspirations of exploring the Upper Realms, where stars are said to shine brightly, Headmaster Thalonius Gravemore aptly amended the university motto to "Ad Astra Per Magiam" ("To The Stars Through Magick"). A pentagram, the Star of Valorcrest, was also added to the school emblem, commemorating Felix Valorcrest’s enduring legacy as a beacon of bravery and hope.