National Holidays

Special days celebrated throughout the Seven Realms of Septaema

Noxdiem (2nd Marten of Misermensis)
Marking the darkest day of the year, Noxdiem is a solemn observance of reflection, resilience, and the strength found in unity amidst darkness. It is a time for Septaemans to honor the depth of their inner light, even on the darkest nights.

Luxdiem (3rd Plutem of Gratimensis)
The brightest day of the year, Luxdiem, celebrates the luminescence of life and the power of light. It is a jubilant occasion filled with festivities, illuminating the realm with joy, hope, and the promise of renewal.

Nepdiem (1st Joviem of Diligens)
On Nepdiem, the veil between worlds thins to its sheerest, facilitating an unparalleled connection with other realms. This day is dedicated to communion and remembrance, bridging the seen and unseen in a profound celebration of the mystical bonds that unite all beings.

Formation Day (2nd Sodiem of Honomens)
Commemorating the end of the Oblivitare War and the birth of the Seven Realms from the original three, Formation Day is a cornerstone of Septaeman heritage. This day honors the resilience, sacrifices, and visionary spirit that shaped our realm, celebrating our diverse unity and shared destiny.

Sidus Vagus Day (2nd Joviem of Curiomensis)
Celebrating the adventurous spirit and remarkable achievements of Sidus Vagus, this day is marked by storytelling, exploration, and the pursuit of knowledge. It honors the legacy of the famed explorer, encouraging all Septaemans to embrace curiosity and daring.

Major Events

Guardians' Remembrance (1st Mercem of Persevis)
A day dedicated to honoring the heroes and guardians of Septaema, past and present. Ceremonies include the lighting of candles, martial displays by the SDF, and the sharing of heroic tales.

Veilweaver's Day (3rd Uranem of Tempersis)
Honoring the skilled magicians and weavers who maintain and mend the veils between worlds, ensuring the balance of energies. Activities include magickal demonstrations, workshops, and the creation of protective amulets.

Elders' Wisdom Day (1st Vendiem of Virtensis)
A day dedicated to honoring the wisdom and contributions of the eldest members of the Septaeman community. It involves storytelling, sharing of ancient knowledge, and intergenerational gatherings.

Bountiful Brew Fest (2nd Sodiem of Genero)
A festival that celebrates the art of potion-making and alchemy, showcasing the most talented brewers in Septaema. Participants enjoy potion tastings, alchemical experiments, and contests for the best brews.

Forge and Anvil Day (3rd Plutem of Diligens)
Paying homage to the blacksmiths, craftsmen, and artificers who create magickal and mundane items alike. The day is marked by craft fairs, demonstrations, and the unveiling of new and wondrous creations.

Guardians' Gratitude Day (1st Satem of Benevis)
A day to express gratitude and offer support to the Septaeman Defense Force and other protectors of the realm. Citizens participate in parades, donate to support families of the SDF, and engage in community service.

Echoes of the Past (2nd Mercem of Sapiensis)
A day to remember and celebrate the history of Septaema through reenactments, historical lectures, and visits to ancient sites. It's a time to reflect on the realm's journey through time and its cultural heritage.

The Great Union Festival (2nd Lundiem of Honomens)
Celebrating the unity and formation of the Seven Realms from the original three. Festivities include art exhibitions, cultural exchanges, and a grand feast representing the diverse cuisines of each realm.

Minor Events

Realm Holidays


Veil of Shadows Day
A day dedicated to embracing the mysteries and the protective shadows of Umbravale. It involves ceremonies that strengthen the veils of secrecy and protection that safeguard the realm and its inhabitants from outside threats. The festival includes nocturnal magickal rituals, shadow plays, and the telling of ancient Umbravale legends.

Renewal of the Springs Festival
Celebrating the mythical Ethereal Springs within Umbravale, this festival marks a time of rejuvenation and purification. Citizens and visitors alike partake in rituals of cleansing and renewal, drawing upon the mystical waters to wash away maladies of the spirit and body. The festival features a procession to the springs, offerings to the guardians of the waters, and communal feasts under the twilight sky, symbolizing the continual cycle of renewal and the enduring strength of Umbravale.

Oblivion Enclave

Festival of the Forgotten
Dedicated to those aspects of history and magic that are on the brink of being lost to time, the Festival of the Forgotten is a unique observance where the Enclave's inhabitants rediscover and celebrate the ancient magics, traditions, and stories that define their realm. Scholars, mystics, and common folk alike engage in the re-enactment of old customs, the revival of forgotten spells, and the honoring of the realm's deepest mysteries, reaffirming their connection to the past and to each other. The observance involves lighting of candles, sharing tales of survival, and communal rituals that reinforce the enclave's undying spirit against adversity.

Echoveil Embers

Flame's Embrace Day
A day that marks the beginning of the harvest season, where the community comes together to celebrate the life-giving warmth of fire. Bonfires are lit in every corner of the realm, around which tales of bravery, love, and renewal are shared. Fire dancers perform intricate routines, symbolizing the dance of life and the eternal cycle of destruction and creation.

Crimson Harvest Festival
This festival celebrates the bounty of Echoveil Embers, particularly its unique flora and fauna at the Crimson Meadows, which thrive in the realm's warm climate. The Crimson Harvest Festival features markets filled with local delicacies, spicy emberfruit tastings, and exhibitions of fire-based magicks. It's a time for gratitude and communal joy, highlighting the realm's agricultural richness and culinary traditions.

Renewal of Fire Ceremony
Held on the longest day of the year, this ceremony involves the rekindling of the Eternal Flame—a sacred fire believed to be the source of the realm's magickal energy. Residents gather for a night of music, dance, and magickal rituals, where the old is burned away in effigy to make room for new beginnings. The ceremony serves as a powerful reminder of the realm's resilience and capacity for regeneration.

Emberlight Night
On this night, the skies of Echoveil Embers are illuminated not by stars, but by thousands of floating lanterns released by its inhabitants. Each lantern carries a wish or prayer for the future, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of light drifting through the twilight. Emberlight Night is a celebration of hope, dreams, and the collective spirit of the realm, bringing together communities in a shared act of beauty and aspiration.

Lumina Enclave

Luminance Day
A festival that marks the zenith of light within Lumina Enclave, where the citrine crystals that adorn the realm shine their brightest. The day is filled with reflections, both literal and metaphorical, as inhabitants engage in activities that celebrate clarity, understanding, and enlightenment. Art installations featuring reflective materials, light shows, and community gatherings for shared insights and wisdom are central to Luminance Day celebrations.

Festival of Gleaming Waters
This unique celebration focuses on the enchanting luminescent waters found within Lumina Enclave. At night, the waters of Lake Lumos glows with ethereal light, inviting residents to partake in nocturnal festivities by the water. The festival includes boat parades with illuminated vessels, water-based magick demonstrations, and competitions for the best decorated waterfront homes and public spaces.


Veilglimmer Festival
A celebration marking the day when the ethereal veils between Phantasmagorium and the realms of dreams are at their thinnest. The festival is a dazzling display of light, shadow, and color, where the air itself shimmers with possibility. Residents and visitors alike don masks and costumes that echo the creatures of their wildest dreams, parading through the streets in a mesmerizing dance between worlds.

On the darkest night of the year, Noxdiem, the people of Phantasmagorium gather to honor the spirits and ancestors with whispered tales and soft songs. Candles and lanterns are lit in every home, creating a gentle glow that guides benevolent spirits. It's a time for personal reflection, family, and the sharing of stories that bridge the past with the present.

Mystic Veil Festival
The Mystic Veil Festival is a captivating celebration of enchantment, mystery, and the profound depth of shadows that define the essence of Phantasmagorium. On this extraordinary night, the realm transforms into a playground of arcane wonders, where alchemists, fortune tellers, and mystics are held in high esteem, offering insights, predictions, and demonstrating their magickal prowess to the awe of all attendees.

Sylvera Sanctum

Harmony of Hearts Festival
This festival celebrates the deep bonds between all inhabitants of Sylvera Sanctum and their connection to the natural world. It's a day of communal activities focused on restoration and balance, including group meditations, yoga sessions amidst the greenery, and ceremonies to honor the elemental spirits. The festival emphasizes unity, peace, and the healing power of community, culminating in a grand feast prepared from the sanctum's bountiful harvests, shared by all in a spirit of gratitude and fellowship.

Moonwell Festival
Once every three to four years, under the influence of the Upper Realm’s blue full moon, the sanctum's mystical Moonwells — sources of powerful healing magick — are said to be at their most potent. The Moonwell Festival is both a solemn and joyful occasion, where residents gather at these sacred sites to perform rites of healing, rejuvenation, and purification. Lanterns light up the path to the wells, and people bring offerings of thanks, while healers and mystics lead ceremonies that tap into the wells' energies, providing blessings for the year ahead.


Drakefire Festival
An awe-inspiring celebration of the realm's draconic heritage, where the night skies are illuminated with dragon-shaped fireworks and effigies that blaze in a spectacular tribute to the dragons' eternal flame. The festival includes storytelling of ancient dragon legends, dragon-themed arts and crafts, and a grand parade featuring elaborate costumes and floats that pay homage to these majestic creatures.

Emerald Harvest
Marking the peak of the harvest season, Emerald Harvest celebrates the fertility and abundance of Septimus. The festival is characterized by markets brimming with local produce, culinary competitions showcasing traditional dishes, and community feasts held in the open air, surrounded by the realm's lush landscapes. It's a time of gratitude for the land's generosity and a celebration of community spirit.

Abyssal Day
Abyssal Day celebrates the enduring spirit and deep connection Septimus's inhabitants have with the enigmatic Abyssal Ocean that surrounds their realm. This day is dedicated to honoring the mysteries of the ocean and the magickal bond between the sea and the land. Festivities include maritime displays that showcase the beauty and dangers of the Abyssal Ocean, thrilling ship races along The Abyssal Isles that reflect the skill and bravery required to navigate its waters, and storytelling sessions that delve into the realm's rich lore and the ocean's role in shaping the culture and history of Septimus.

Crystal Dusk
An enchanting evening where the crystal firmament of Septimus is said to be at its most vibrant, casting the entire realm in a mesmerizing glow. Residents and visitors alike gather to observe the phenomenon, engaging in quiet reflection, meditation, and the sharing of hopes and dreams under the radiant dusk. Crystal Dusk symbolizes the unity of Septimus with the magickal forces that surround and protect it.