History of Septaema

"From the Ashes of Three, We Rise as Seven: In Valor, Septaema Prevails."

For decades, the formidable Griseo Draconis, a race of dragons cloaked in shadows and terror, coveted the verdant lands of Septaema, a realm divided into three primary territories: Umbravale Embers, Phantasmagorium, and Septimus. This land, teeming with an abundance of flora, stood as a kingdom of tranquility and unity, inhabited by a uniquely powerful yet deceptively charming race of demons.

The invasion by the Griseo Draconis occurred in the year of 119 PA, during Nepdiem, a sacred period when the veil between worlds thins to its most fragile, uniting demons in celebration and homage to their ancestors. Utilizing the Cryptic Chasm as their gateway, these dragons breached the realm of Umbravale Embers, unleashing a reign of fire and destruction across Septaema from the months of Diligens to Honomens. Over these seven harrowing months, the grey dragons decimated thousands, sparing neither the young nor the weak, as they unleashed a relentless onslaught across the lands.

The news of this cataclysmic invasion rippled across the Abyssal Ocean, reaching every corner of the demon realm. In their time of despair, the prayers of the Septaemans were answered. On the 2nd Sodiem of Honomens, a beacon of hope emerged on Septimus Island with the arrival of the Angelus Draconis. These mighty dragons forged the Porta Dracorium, a mystical portal linking the demon kingdom directly to the dragon realms. This gateway allowed the beleaguered Septaemans a fleeting opportunity to tap into the dragons' formidable powers, arming them with the means to defend their homeland and turn the tide against their oppressors.

Amidst the ritual to forge the Porta Dracorium, a critical moment arose when the circle of 13 Angelus Draconis, their wings linked in a sacred arc, came under sudden attack by the malevolent Griseo Draconis. The assault left one of the Angelus Draconis wounded, his wing faltering and breaking the circle's continuity. Observing from a distance were twenty-three Septaeman demons, among them a courageous soul named Devlin from the quaint town of Mysticwyn. Driven by an unwavering resolve to protect his homeland, Devlin dashed forward, heedless of the warnings shouted by demons and dragons alike. The peril of approaching the volatile draconic energy, potent enough to claim his life, did not deter him. In a selfless act of valor, Devlin bridged the gap between the injured dragon and its counterpart, extending his arms to complete the circle, risking everything for Septaema's salvation.

The completion of the portal unleashed a tremendous force, shaking the very foundations of Septimus Island. The explosion of energy repelled the 13 dragons and Devlin with such intensity that it marked the birth of the Porta Dracorium. This burst of ancient draconic power, radiant and overwhelming, annihilated a significant number of the Griseo Draconis on contact, their beings unable to withstand the sanctified energy. The remnants of the invading force met their demise at the hands of the newly formed Septaeman Defense Force (SDF), swiftly established in the immediate wake of the portal's creation and composed of the demons who witnessed its forging, Devlin among them.

As the dust settled from the portal's creation, all eyes turned to Devlin. To the astonishment of those gathered, he was not only alive but radiating with a previously unseen ethereal glow. Standing up, Devlin revealed wings of his own — a magnificent pair that mirrored those of the Angelus Draconis. The ritual, it seemed, had not only spared his life but had also imbued him with the essence of draconic power, granting him wings as a testament to his bravery and sacrifice. This miraculous transformation underscored the depth of Devlin's connection to the dragons and marked him as a pivotal figure in the defense and history of Septaema.

In the wake of the Oblivitare War's devastation, the Demon Council was reduced to a solitary figure: The Honorable Councillor Eldran Shadowborne. Amidst the ashes of conflict, Councillor Shadowborne undertook the solemn duty of establishing the Septaeman Defense Force. Leading this formidable assembly was young Devlin, now bestowed with the honorary title of Stormwing, reflecting his newfound draconic prowess and his pivotal role in the war's outcome. General Stormwing would command this force with distinction for two millennia, safeguarding the realm against any who dared threaten its peace.

The landscape of Septaema bore the scars of war, a once-verdant paradise now scorched and desolate, save for the realm of Septimus. It was here, fueled by the residual draconic energies emanating from the Porta Dracorium, that life thrived anew, bestowing upon its inhabitants unparalleled strength. Consequently, the Septaeman Defense Force drew heavily from those raised in Septimus's shadow, their might unmatched across the realms.

In the aftermath, on the 2nd Sodiem of Honomens, the land of Septaema was redefined, birthing the Seven Realms from its fractured visage. Umbravale Embers, at the heart of the conflict, was divided into three distinct realms: Umbravale, a realm enshrouded in perpetual shadow, serving as the mysterious gateway to Septaema; Oblivion Enclave, a land forever marred by the war's fury, its recovery thwarted by the depth of its wounds; and Echoveil Embers, where the war's infernal flames are eternally captured in a stunning display of amber and gold, echoes of destruction veiled behind a haunting ember beauty.

Similarly, Phantasmagorium was segmented into three realms: Lumina Enclave emerged from the ashes, its land scorched to such an extent that it birthed a landscape of glowing crystals, a radiant testament to resilience; Phantasmagorium, though ravaged, became a realm where destruction is interwoven with the fabric of its identity, its people embracing their history with a fierce pride; and Sylvera Sanctum, a sanctuary of healing and alchemy, where the verdant splendor was lovingly restored by its caretakers.

Septimus remained undivided, comprising Septimus Island and the Abyssal Isles, standing as a beacon of strength and renewal amidst the realms. This is the tale of Septaema's rebirth from the ashes of war, a story of loss, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of its people. The Seven Realms, each with its unique legacy and challenges, stand united under the vigilant watch of the Septaeman Defense Force, a symbol of the enduring power of unity and the relentless pursuit of peace.