Demon Council

Nestled within the bustling metropolis of Obsidian City, and perched atop the Ethervoid Nexus, the esteemed Demon Council stands as a beacon of governance. Positioned at the core of the mainlands, they dedicate themselves to the crucial task of upholding peace and order across Septaema. Engaged in the daily oversight of the realm, the council oversees an array of essential services. From funding educational institutions and social care initiatives to managing waste collection, their efforts ensure the well-being and prosperity of Septaema's demonic residents.

Grand Chancellor
Eldran Shadowborne

The Seven Realms of Septaema

Councilor Zephyr Shadowvein


Councilor Orion Darkmere

Oblivion Enclave

Councilor Emberlyn Flameheart

Echoveil Embers

Councilor Lucius Lightbearer

Lumina Enclave

Councilor Mordaeus Veilwalker


Councilor Sylvana Greenmantle

Sylvera Sanctum

Councilor Nerissa Knightfall

Septimus Island & The Abyssal Isles

Our mission

At the heart of our endeavors, the Demon Council of Septaema is steadfastly committed to fostering a realm where peace and order reign supreme. Our mission transcends mere governance; it is a vow to nurture a community where every demon, regardless of origin or stature, can thrive. Through the meticulous oversight of essential services—from the empowerment of minds at our schools to the safeguarding of well-being through social care, and the efficient management of our environmental responsibilities—we strive to create a harmonious balance between progress and preservation. In unity, we work not only to address the needs of today but to lay the foundations for a future where all demons can pursue their potential, unburdened by chaos. This is our pledge: to serve, to protect, and to inspire a Septaema that flourishes for generations to come.

Our vision

Our vision at the Demon Council of Septaema is to illuminate a path towards an enlightened realm, where every corner of our vast underworld is infused with the principles of equity, prosperity, and unity. We dream of a Septaema where the rich tapestry of our demonic heritage is celebrated and where every individual is empowered to contribute to our collective destiny. By harnessing the ancient wisdom of the Ethervoid Nexus and embracing the innovative spirits of our people, we aim to cultivate a society that thrives on creativity, collaboration, and compassion. Our horizon is one of endless possibilities—a future where Septaema stands as a beacon of stability and a paragon of inter-realm harmony, inspiring realms far beyond our own. This vision guides our every decision, propelling us towards a legacy that transcends time and space, for the betterment of all demons and the realms we touch.